The name clearly delineates the point of departure: the Faroese word ‘skansi’ means fortress; it is a stronghold, a safe haven, and an observation point from which you ‘scan the sea’, traditionally from a lighthouse, offering navigational help to vessels and a safe haven to turn to. But there is also a distinctly naval denotation: The ‘skansi’ of a ship is its aft deck or quarterdeck, traditionally featuring the navigational highpoint and steering.
The only surviving skansi, or fortress, in the Faroe Islands is situated in T├│rshavn, the center of the islands. Skansi’s headquarters, fittingly located at Skansavegur 7, overlooks the unique features of this ‘skansi’.

Skansi Offshore P/F has been registered as an Affiliated member in Incentra through parent commpany Havila Holding AS.