Incentra suppliers must have high standards within health, safety, environment and meet Incentra Supplier Code of Conduct and provide quality products and services at competitive terms.

Incentra is selective in choosing product areas and suppliers. Each framework agreement is a result of thorough market research and evaluation. Based on the size of our members fleet, Incentra expect our suppliers to provide the best terms possible in the market at all times. Incentra maintains all formalities concerning the contracts between members and suppliers, this involves pre-qualification, close follow up of agreements throughout the contract period and HSEQ audits. Incentra aim to establish and maintain long term and mutually attractive business relations with its suppliers. Incentra suppliers must contribute to Incentra events and activities and have an active dialogue with Incentra and its members.




A maritime supplier may be evaluated for an Incentra framework agreement in three different ways:

1)            Supplier application: A supplier download the application form at this website
and submit an application to Incentra, application should reach Incentra not later than 30th May.
The application form is available under form suppliers

2)            Incentra members propose new suppliers for Incentra framework agreements

3)            Incentra contact potential suppliers to discuss a possible agreement


Becoming an Incentra supplier will take some time, as there are certain procedures to be followed. When an application is submitted, Incentra and the working committee will evaluate the application. In connection with the annual Council Meeting, taking place in September, the application will be presented to all attending members, and a decision will be made as whether Incentra shall go into negotiations with the potential supplier. Given sufficient interest among the members and sufficient negotiation capacity from Incentra and the working committee, the potential supplier will be invited to discuss a possible agreement to Incentra.

The Board of Directors has the final approval on all agreements, including agreements new suppliers.

Before a final agreement is reached, a pre-qualification is carried out: Supplier Audit & Pre-qualification.

In addition to the general data, potential suppliers are required to present information about their company, including ownership, organisation size and structure and financial status.


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