Incentra as a non-profit procurement association seeks to establish framework agreements with original manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services for operation and maintenance of ships.

Incentras objective is to use the benefits of size and volume to obtain best terms for its members. Each framework agreement is a result of thorough market research and evaluation. Suppliers must comply with Incentra’s quality standards within health, safety, environment and supplier code of conduct.

Communication is key to a successful relationship between Incentra, its members and suppliers. Incentra and its members strive to take full advantage of being a venue for the share of best practices, knowledge and experience between members and suppliers. This allows us to improve future negotiations, follow up procedures and the following communication of framework agreements. Communication is also vital to ensure that the terms and conditions for each agreement are followed up, and to reach our potential in ensuring loyalty towards them. Incentra will contribute through supplier audits, member visits, annually supplier evaluation, various Arenas and by continuously communicating with the parties involved.

Incentra always strive to improve existing core business areas; the framework agreements, HSEQ and the Arena function. However, new areas will continuously be evaluated in relation to the market demand.

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