Companies wishing to become a member of Incentra need to apply for membership. Only companies with all or a major part of their procurement activity in Norway may become a member.

The application will be evaluated and decided by Incentra’s Board of Directors.

The application form is available on our website, please see: S110.1-Application-form-membership 8-2022

The Incentra administration can be contacted if you need further information or assistance.

The application will be evaluated against criterias set by Incentras’s Board of Directors. These include:

  • Business standards and management systems
  • Financial strength
  • Current use of existing Incentra Agreement and demonstrate commitment and loyalty to Incentra and Incentra’s agreements
  • Ability and willingness to:

*Participate in, and contribute to, Incentra’s activities and organization

*Respond to inquiries and requests from Incentra

*Nominate and free up candidates to Negotiation- and HSEQ committees and Board

*Introduce and communicate Incentra’s values

All new members shall pay a defined amount as share capital which shall be paid before a member receives access to the agreements and other benefits. A share certificate will be issued to the member.




A member may apply for affiliated membership S110.1-Application-form-affiliated-member 8-2022

An affiliated member is typically a subsidiary company located outside of Norway.

The affiliated member does not have any voting power and does not pay share capital.

The main member is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the agreements and secure that affiliated members meet all Incentra member expectations and requirements.


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