Supplier Evaluation





Every year Incentra requests members to participate in the supplier evaluation.  This evaluation covers 10 evaluation criterias related to operation of the framework agreement.

10 Eval. criterias

The supplier evaluation is an important tool and essential in connection with HSEQ work for the supplier, for Incentra and for Incentra’s members.  The results are compiled into a report which can be used as documentation in connection with other/class audits.

Members not participating in the evaluation will not receive the final report.

Incentra suppliers are satisfied with getting this feedback from the Incentra members as it enables them to focus on challenging issues.

The objectives for this evaluation are to ensure:

  • Incentra suppliers are measured and informed on their performance and progress
  • Ability to focus on possible problem areas
  • Incentra members active participation in the interaction with suppliers
  • Incentra agreements with approved, high quality suppliers

The survey is to be based on the suppliers’ performance over the last 12 months.

The result of the survey is reported to members having participated in the survey.


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