Havila Shipping ASA – news

Finally some good news fro our industry.

Mr Njål Sævik risked loosing the whole fleet, but now all of the most expensive vessels are in operation.

Tuesday Havila secured a new contract for «Havila Harmony», a contact within the the oil sector for a period of minimum three years, for Reach Subsea. This is great news for everyone including the «boss».

– I am pleased that we have our most costly vessel on contract, Mr Sævik in a press release.

The ratene have not been released, but they are probably not the highest.

– We would of course have had higher contract rates, but this is how the market is these days, Mr Sævik says.

Havila has five big anchor handling vessels and 11 supply vessels. In addition, they have three subsea vessels in the fleet. These are the most advanced and expensive vessels in the Norwegian offshore companies.

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