Corona Virus

Incentra is a responsible global partner, with members and supplier around the world.
During the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have and will continue to do our utmost make sure our employees and partners, as well as our local communities are protected. This means that we are utilizing digitalization as a tool for safe communication.

As we have informed earlier, the 2020 AGM has been postponed.

The contract negotiation processes are still being carried out, however in a more digital way through platforms such as MS Teams etc.

HSEQ Audits are not carried out on location. On a case by case basis, some audits, or follow-up audits may be carried out remotely.

Incentra follow advice given by the government and health authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Check out the different advice and guidelines from several international agencies:
World Health Organisation (WHO) – Link to COVID-19 portal
European Center for Desease Provention and Control – Link to COVID-19 portal

Norwegian health authorities have a Covid-19 portal Link to FHI Covid-19 portal in Norwegian and English

Incentra employees can work from home or work in the office. None of the current Incentra employees need to use public transport, and as such, are not subjected to the possible infections from fellow travellers.
Travel and meeting restrictions are in place.

Stay safe and healthy!

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