Audit & Pre-Qualification

One of Incentra’s main service areas is the HSEQ audits of suppliers.

HSEQ audit: On behalf of the members, Incentra makes HSEQ audits of the suppliers with whom we have framework agreements. HSEQ is a part of the Incentra agreement.  Even though we do not require a supplier to be ISO certified, our requirements state that their HSEQ systems must, as a minimum, meet the ISO requirements.

In order to make sure we cover all necessary issues, we ask our members for feedback on the supplier to be audited, this will enable Incentra to look deeper into possible challenges. HSEQ audits of the suppliers are carried out every 2-3 years. New suppliers shall be audited within the first year after signing the framework agreement.

An HSEQ audit is conducted to ensure that the Incentra members get the level of service as specified in agreement from the Incentra suppliers. The audit will also assist the suppliers in achieving satisfied customers and create an environment where challenges in the customer-supplier relationship can be addressed and discussed. Incentra performs regular and extraordinary audits. Findings from the audit will be followed-up and necessary action will be taken.  A regular audit will normally take 1 or 2 days depending on the size and complexity of the supplier.

Extraordinary audits may be carried out if requested by Incentra members, the Working Committee or the Incentra administration.

Pre-qualifications: All suppliers will be prequalified prior to getting a framework agreement with Incentra SA.

The purpose of pre-qualification is to present the Incentra quality standards and processes to suppliers and verify that these are met. It includes HSEQ standards, scope of the audits, Incentra’s HSEQ procedures.   The basis and content of the pre-qualifications are similar to a regular audit.

Incentra HSEQ system requirements:

An Incentra supplier should have HSE and quality standards and procedures including:

*          Business Code of conduct meeting Incentra standards, see CSR

*          HSE and quality policy and objectives

*          Organisation and authority definitions and organisational charts

*          Customer service including relevant processes

*          Handling inquiries and tenders

*          Handling orders and order confirmations

*          Handling packing, shipping and invoicing

*          Handling reporting of turnover and contract follow-up versus Incentra

*          Procedures for non-conformity system,  corrective and preventive actions

*          Internal audits

*          Procedure for follow up of previous Incentra audit reports and findings

*          Training of personnel

*          Management reporting and review on all above items


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