About Incentra

Incentra was founded in 1967 by 10 Norwegian shipping companies.

Incentra is a marine purchasing organisation where shipowners, ship managers and rig companies are members.

Incentra negotiate, enter and manage framework agreements with suppliers of goods and services for operation and maintenance of ships and other marine vessels. These agreements are exclusively used by the Incentra members

Incentra SA is incorporated as a Norwegian Co-Operative society meaning that it is owned by its members. Incentra´s suppliers pay a fixed percentage fee of the annual turnover under their framework agreements to Incentra. This forms Incentra´s income which covers Incentra´s administration costs and expenses. Should Incentra reach a positive year-end result any such surplus will, in line with the Norwegian Co-Operative Societies Act, be shared equally between its members based on the individual members´ total revenue under Incentra´s framework agreements. The surplus will be paid out to the members as dividends. Should members, suppliers or related third parties have questions in respect of dividends paid out to specific members please contact the Incentra administration for further assistance.

Incentra performs audits of all suppliers, evaluating policies, management and systems for Health, Environment, Safety and Quality.

Incentra expects contribution, loyalty and commitment from both members and suppliers.

Incentra has approx 35 member companies with about 920 vessels and rigs in operations in addition to approx 20 newbuilding contracts.

Incentra has agreements with about 50 suppliers.

Total turnover through the Incentra agreements is about 1 BNOK / 120 MUSD.

Incentra administration works closely with the members through the Board of Directors, Negotiation Committee and the HSEQ Committee.

Incentra has a Board of  Directors with 4-6 members, mainly with representatives from the Incentra member companies. The Incentra Board of Directors approves all framework agreements, decides membership applications and have the general responsibility for supervising Incentra’s operation and corporate governance.

Incentra’s Negotiation Committee is a forum with 5-7 representatives from member companies which actively take part in developing commercial strategies, negotiations and shall provide operational insight and experience to ensure that agreements are of high quality, relevant and competitive.

Incentra HSEQ works closely with members as they providing guidance and expertise in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality issues. This includes advise on audit standards and procedures.

Incentra has focus on HSEQ and Corporate Social Responsibility seeking to enable and facilitate a cost effective, sustainable and ethical supply chain and operation.

The activities of Incentra do not interfere with the autonomy of the individual member’s purchasing or technical departments. However, the success of Incentra is dependent of each member’s commitment and contribution.

Incentra’s aim is to build good and long term relations for the benefit of both members and suppliers.

In July 2017, Incentra was ISO 9001 2015 certified, and completed the recertification in 2020.


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