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Incentra is a procurement organization owned by Norwegian ship owners and ship managers. We work to establish and manage long term framework agreements with quality suppliers for spares, service and consumables used for global operation of our members’ marine vessels. We provide framework agreements, HSEQ audits of the suppliers and provide an arena for networking and exchange of maritime competence, quality and efficiency.


Incentra's member companies are ship- and rig owners / managers with all or main of its operation / procurement activities managed and run from Norway. We have about 35 reputable companies as members with about 700 vessels in operation all over the globe. It is expected that Incentra members contribute to the organisation and seek to do business with its suppliers.


Incentra has framework agreement with about 45 suppliers with annual turnover of abt 1 BNOK / 120 MUSD. Incentra suppliers shall operate with high standards and provide quality products and services at competitive terms. Incentra seek long term and mutually attractive business relations with its suppliers. Suppliers must comply with Incentra's quality standards within health, safety, environment and supplier code of conduct.
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